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rss 94 weeks ago
So I am a major noob when it comes to graphic design. But the other day I had an idea for a shirt, and I decided to just crack down and try it. But being a noob, vectors are still pretty much a complete mystery to me, and all I've got is photoshop, so that's what I went with.

I've now pretty much finished a good draft of the design, but what I'm realizing is that when zoomed up close, the lines contain more than just one colour pixel. As in, the edges of the black lines have some grey pixels around the edges.

So my question is, is that going to be a problem when it comes to printing, or will the printer just pick up the majority colour and count it all as black (or whatever other colour it's printing)? And if it will be a problem, does anybody have some good suggestions on how to fix that? Is there something I can do in photoshop to conform all of those extra pixels, or does it maybe have something to do with the resolution, or will I really just have to learn how to use vectors?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! :)
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    94 weeks ago
    Ok I'm sure someone who uses a more advanced program will have a better answer but the one picture I did scan into my computer I had to literally go in and pixel by pixel fix it... But I use paint(I'm not an artist or graphic designer...) so maybe photoshop or illustrator or what have you has a better tool.
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    94 weeks ago
    I've wondered the same. If I cant find a link to post with a tutorial, I hope someone else can explain.

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