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rss 95 weeks ago
This design was rejected, and I'm not bitter at all, I'd just like some feedback from the good Teefury community :)

link to image:

Any feedback is welcome ^__^ though if you're leaving constructive criticism then please be polite.
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    95 weeks ago
    is it based on Ming Tea from Austin Powers?
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    95 weeks ago
    I think it looks pretty good the only thing that i think you could work on/change is the plate or w/e the cup is sitting on, it doesnt seem to be at the right angle.
    Not that it needs this but maybe see how it would look with like a ripple or something in the coffee or tea, or some kind of light reflection.... I donno just a suggestion but i think its a cool design!

    check mine out if you have a moment:
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    95 weeks ago
    Cool design.

    The only thing I think that needs work is "Cha". As it stands it is too thin and doesn't read very well. Maybe try a more stylish scteefurycopy font?
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    93 weeks ago
    Ahhh, thanks for the feedback!

    @RiteGuyShirt its not, but I'l have to re watch the films to see the cup again :L

    @FreshTaDeath Ahhh, I hear ya. I'll fiddle around with the plate :) Also, liking the idea of a ripple :D

    @nrique I get what you mean, it is a pain to read. I'd love to know what font you were suggesting... damn censoring!
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    92 weeks ago
    I like the design- very nice work. :) The one thing I would say is to maybe move the handle more to the side of the cup, and so more to the right of the image, as i dont think you would be able to see so much of the gap in the centre of the handle from that angle... If you get what i'm saying. Speak up if you dont. :) But I really like the concept.

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