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rss 95 weeks ago
Hi, I'm new and working on this at the moment, may submit soon based on feedback.

Any thoughts from the Teefury community will be much appreciated.
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    95 weeks ago
    hehe it's fun took me a moment
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    94 weeks ago
    ditch the bauhaus type...something way more traditional or hand scripted goes with the frames/graphic style you've got there.

    Also, "smelt of elderberries" not "smelly elderberries"...not sure how to portray the scent of the an ideal world, you could just use any person/whathaveyou for the dad and then make it scratch and sniff.

    But do keep going - mp&thg is a gold mine worth digging.
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    94 weeks ago
    love the idea but agree with renniford .... it is smelt of not smelly lol... not sure how to make this work but if made right id wear it and i know my dad would! (my cats name is Monty haha)

    Live Long and Prosper! =/\=

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