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rss 109 weeks ago
I know other people have had problems with not getting conformation e-mails. I also know to contact support for help but my question is how long it takes to get the conformation e-mail?
- Is it supposed to be immediate? Or does it send after the shirt is printed?

I ordered the Chat Noir De La Lune last Wednesday, and still no conformation e-mail, but the payment went through that day (the 13th).
  • image zipper
    109 weeks ago
    Order confirmation emails typically arrive very soon after purchase (usually within the hour). It is possible that yours ended up in a spam folder, so if you haven't checked that might be worth a shot :)
  • image
    108 weeks ago
    I did check all of my folders and there wasn't any from TeeFury at all. I had e-mailed support shortly after making this topic and they got back to me today sending me a conformation e-mail.
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    97 weeks ago
    I'm having the same problem. The money is already taken out but I never received a conformation email. I've never had a problem before so I didn't bother saving the order number :(
  • image zipper
    97 weeks ago
    There's a slight bug with order confirmation emails at the moment, so if you haven't received one and have order questions please email [email protected] for help.

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