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rss 109 weeks ago
Hey crew,
I'm 0 for 3 so far with submissions, and I'm sure this one is a reach because it's too simple, but I'm a big Regular Show fan and love the episode where Rigby changes his name to Trash Boat. Simple name plate style, but I'd think anyone who loves the show would dig it. Thoughts?

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    109 weeks ago
    I've seen name tag designs on other websites but I don't believe I have on this one, but I like it :D
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    109 weeks ago
    thanks mikey. I know the nametag idea isn't original, but like you've said, i've never seen it for Trash Boat, and it was made to look exactly like the one Rigby wears on the show.

    I'm playing around with a more detailed Park nameplate also that I'll post once i'm done.


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