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rss 96 weeks ago
I have two shirts up for trade. Both are Men's L, brand new unworn. From the most recent grab bag I have close enough, the labyrinth/hello kitty mash up, and from an older grab bag I have Vote Braains 2012 Open to any offers Mens L. I am looking for certain shirts, but I'll post what they are later. Any offers email at [email protected] Feel free to post what you have to trade as well. :)
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    96 weeks ago
    any chance you can fit a MM?
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    96 weeks ago
    Sarah13062 said: any chance you can fit a MM?

    I've tried, I really can't. :)
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    95 weeks ago
    These are the shirts I'm looking for in Men's L. Open to any offers. Any offers, please email at [email protected]
    1 shell 2 shell
    mom metroid
    would you kindly bioshock
    the legend of hyrule
    guardians of sunshine adventure time
    ron swanson
    calvin and hobbes

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