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rss 110 weeks ago
Hi all,

I would usually post in the large trade thread, but this is an extremely specific request. I received a Gordon's Crab Shack WL in a trade, which I love--but the WL is just a bit too loose on me. I would love to have this exact same shirt in a WM.

If anyone is looking for a Gordon's WL and has it in WM, please let me know! Or, I guess if you have a Gordon's WM and want either of my other two WM shirts, that could work, too. (I have "Paintballers" and "Retirement.")


[email protected]

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    109 weeks ago
    I have a Gordon's Crab Shack in WM unwashed and unworn. I don't know that I'm interested in your shirts but email me and maybe we can work something out.

    [email protected]

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