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rss 110 weeks ago
Hi I am new to this website

May someone tell me what exactly happens after I submit a design? :)

I can't seem to find a lot of information about submitting on the website other than the design being 6 colors :)

how long does it take to get accepted. Is it vote based like anothersite?

how do you win. How much money do you make.

Etc.. please help me out. Thanks :)
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    110 weeks ago
    Doing a little searching around will give you lots of information.

    Submission page tells you a lot:

    FAQ page tells you even more:

    Doing some searches on the forum will tell you a crapload.
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    110 weeks ago

    Thats the forum section with answers to common questions. To answer a few for you selection of designs to get printed is internal by decesion of website staff. If choosen you get one dollar per shirt sold including slightly more for over prints and misprints. Once submitted they dont send rejection notifications. You will get an email if they decide to use your shirt design. Usual the response time if they decide to use your shirt is between 2 to 4the weeks depending on the amount of submissions they need to review. Hope that helps.

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