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rss 111 weeks ago
This is a really cool site and of course I just missed out on the shirt that I like the most when I was informed about it. I ordered two grab bags for the chance (and fun) of getting it. I wanted the Ron Swanson/Green Eggs and Ham mash-up and was hoping to see the color red in my bag. No such luck:( But it was fun and tense! I ended up with Planet of the Snapes and something called Lords of Time in men's XL. Grab bags are pretty darn cool.
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    111 weeks ago
    There are a few trading threads on the forum where people trade shirts they got in the grab bags--you may still be able to get the Ron Swanson shirt in a swap. :-)

    But I agree; grab bags are a blast even if you don't get exactly what you want. It's a fun gamble.

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