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When I was younger, I had a bad habit of wasting my money by buying lottery scratchers. I won here and there, but not very often. My new method of wasting money? Buying random grab bags of shirts from sites like Teefury AND OTHERS. I get a couple here and there I like, but, the majority not so much.
So, I'll pass them on to you lovely people! All shirts are Men's XL, Unworn, Unwashed, and perhaps even Unloved. But that's okay. You can love them, right? Also, non-smoking household. You can smoke after you buy the shirt, though. It's your choice! Trying to quit? Spend that cigarette money on some new shirts. We all win that way.
Here's the imgur album that may or may not work. If it doesn't work, I can link it to anyone who desires in an email.

Here's the names of the shirts.

Firefly Transportation Service
In Event of Zombies Use Portals
Got Fandom?
Don't Make Me Angry
Our Lady of Science
Mickey ONeils
Redeem Yourself
Late Night Moss
The Sonic Mark VI
Snag It Bag It Tag It
Secrets Are Dangerous
Johnny's School of Dance
The 151
Game Over, Man!

Looks like I found them all!

I'm usually on AIM 24/7, and even if I'm idle, the messages forward to my iPad. Screen name is 'UtterDissonance'
Also, feel free to just email me (Probably faster
[email protected]
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    Bop bop bop, bop to the top~

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