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rss 111 weeks ago
I'd be really into trading. I have two MS shirts:

Sherlock Wall Skull Lydia from Beetlejuice (Utterly Alone)

I typically wear a WM, and the MS fits just as well, so I'd take either one... Hit my email: [email protected]

Looking for:

Also interested in anything Adventure Time (Not Guardians of Sunshine.. I have it), LOST, Firefly, and video-gamey things. I'm open to others. Don't be afraid to email! Here it is A SECOND TIME [email protected]
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    111 weeks ago
    I also REALLY want this:
    554300_10150800471975855_914218168_n.jpg Even if not for trade, I'd be willing to buy a MS or WM.
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    111 weeks ago
    *Update* The Sherlock wall skull smurf has been traded.
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    111 weeks ago
    If anyone still wants the Utterly Alone tee, I still haaaasss..

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