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Hey guys, I wrote up another blog post this time discussing 5 different on going tee design contests.

I thought this would be a useful resource for n00bs or even those who are interested in submitting but would like a breakdown comparing the different contests. Of interest might be the artist rights (differs based on contest) once the design is submitted and how much you'll get paid if you're design is selected.

In the post I breakdown each contest based on 1. How it Works, 2. Selection Process, 3. Rights, 4. Pay Day and 5. Link to the official guidelines.

Let me know what you guys think of this post. Did you find it useful?

Here's the link to Part I:

5 Ongoing T-Shirt Design Contests

1. anothersite
2. TeeFury
3. Shirt.Woot
4. Uneetee
5. Design By Humans

and Part II:

5 Ongoing T-Shirt Design Contests (Part II)

6. Cameesa
7. Chimpogo
8. Wooshka
9. Code-Creations
10. Itself

And now read Part III:

5 Ongoing T-Shirt Design Contests (Part III)

11. Shirt Fight
12. Teextile
13. BlackEyedT
14. Springleap
15. Fair & Bare

And if you're interested in subscribing to the blog:

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    278 weeks ago
    Wicked! Thanks for the info :)
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    278 weeks ago
    don't forget !
    I got bronze place for a shirt I done there ages ago, but I think I got 2 bucks out of it for commissions, which is sorta homosexual-ish

    but didn't bother me then, I was happy enough to get bronze
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    278 weeks ago
    Thanks jeremiah, I'll add them to a future list!
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    278 weeks ago
    Great set of posts thanks for summarizing it all for me in such a convenient place!
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    277 weeks ago
    Thanks Stormink glad you found this useful! I hope to get more sites added to future posts.
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    277 weeks ago
    don't forget us: !!!

    Who are we?
    We are a NEW t-shirt designs contest in the United States. Everyday, new designs sent by graphic designers and illustrators (YOU!) are chosen and submitted to the communitys votes. The winners are then printed and sold in our shop. The graphic designers or illustrators who have their designs selected to be printed win money depending on the amount of sold t-shirts. The goal of the website is to screen print and sell the most appreciated t-shirts by our community.

    YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE! Everything to win!

    For more information, visit our website:

    Cocoteez Team.

    See you soon!

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