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Any good FREE t-shirt design software available? Or do you have to pay for them?
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    100 weeks ago
    Have a look at Inkscape for a good alternative to Illustrator.
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    100 weeks ago
    not trying to come off as some kind of jerk, but there is no such thing as "t-shirt designing software". people who design this shirts on here use 1.) their minds 2.) their hands 3.) regular graphic software

    you usually get what you pay for. the Adobe CS is pretty much industry standard but will set you back like 2.500 bucks. it's really great (includes photoshop, illustrator and whatnot) but if you're not designing on a fulltime basis, it's waaaay overpriced

    Corel (X5 that is) on the other hand has a comparable package incl. a raster and a vector-based programme + some other stuff and it's usually around $500. good deal for the money.

    as for cheaper or even free programmes: GiMP might be what you're looking for in raster programmes, and aforementioned Inkscape is a decent vector-based programme. both are freebies, constantly updated and come with full tutorials and everything.

    from what I can tell operating more complex programmes like all of the above requires practice, so which of them is the easiest to use is really a question of personal preferences and what you've been using so far. I had trouble getting into Inkscape & GiMP and I still get all confused whenever I have to use them, but that's becuase I mainly work in CorelDraw (at home) and Illustrator (at work). the routines are different, but if you know where you wanna go, you'll find your way there sooner or later.

    you can download trial versions of all the programmes, but I'd say it's not really possible to get into Adobe's CS within that period of time without any previous knowledge of graphic software.

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