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rss 100 weeks ago
This is a design I'm hoping to get accepted! This is with Love to all those KH fans out there!

P.S. I hope people like it!
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    100 weeks ago
    Erm... Well, it kind of isn't your work? Parts of it might be (ish), but there's a distinct difference between drawing an existing character, and tracing existing kingdom hearts logos, patterns and character art before hacking them together in what I can only assume was microsoft paint.

    The typography isn't typography, it's Times New Roman, the logos look deformed (and are copyrighted symbols and icons)...

    To be completely honest you just need to start again with a fresh idea that you've created from scratch, take a look back at previous entries that have been printed here and draw in some inspiration from that. And If you can, get Illustrator or Photoshop, and learn to use the pen tool. this is a good tutorial for the basics.

    Sorry if this is coming across as harsh, but I don't think it's unfair commentary.
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    99 weeks ago
    It's okay... explains why it wasn't a hit... oh well time for something else.
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    99 weeks ago
    Thanks for the help!
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    98 weeks ago
    you're completely welcome : ) We all start at the beginning.

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