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rss 114 weeks ago
Well here we are me bring quite new to this fantastic site have gone back and found some that i would LOVE to own! Not really in a order but if you have one just send me an email at : [email protected]
Also only interested in MXLs

btw im paying with money if you couldn't tell >_<
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    114 weeks ago
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    113 weeks ago
    a lot of these can be purchased at

    or has links to several random shirts/sites you might like.

    you're welcome
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    113 weeks ago
    Perhaps he does not want to pay 30$ for a shirt (incl S&H), or he does/would but not for the smurf product that does (not sure about; never even heard of that website).

    You're welcome.


    Expect an email from soon. RE: legitimate TeeFury screenprinted tshirts for less than what they are priced at through RB or any other site.


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