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rss 115 weeks ago
The last shirt i bought here was the Slapsgiving shirt, and I was suuuuper excited to get it! However, when it arrived it didn't really fit the same way my other shirts from TeeFury does (I'm starting to get quite the collection now).

This one seemed somewhat larger and definately longer. Was this a one time switch from the usual shirts? Will they be used for every design from now on? Or am I just being weird and my body had a weird day? :P

It was a WS by the way.
Will still continue to buy shirts either way, but the Slapsgiving one wasn't as flattering as my other shirts from here
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    115 weeks ago
    Odds are its probably just that color. It may not be offered by the company Teefury usually prints on so they have to turn to another company to get the desired color selection.
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    115 weeks ago
    Ah, I sure hope so. Thanks!
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    114 weeks ago
    I just received my School of Ice and Fire shirt (also WS), and I noticed the same thing. The shirt seems very similar to American Apparel - kind of boxy, not curve flattering as is the norm with all of my other tees from TeeFury. I don't think it's a color thing because I have other charcoal tees and they are the "old" style.

    Has there been a switch? Maybe just a temporary one?

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