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rss 116 weeks ago
Hello fellow TeeFurians... I was just clicking through the gallery of tees from TF's inception. Some pretty cool (non-pop-culture-mashed) designs back then. Any shot of getting some reprints of those classic designs during TF's anniversary week coming up in July? Just putting it out there...

Would anyone else be interested in such a thing?
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    116 weeks ago
    I would like to see more of the simple, non-pop culture shirts. I think there are too many shirts that are of every insignificant moment of every sci-fi or geek show (don't get me wrong. I am always entertained by them). I sure like some of the old designs that are just art.
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    115 weeks ago
    I agree! I'm relatively new to TeeFury and I only joined so I could get Doctor Who tees, however seeing this post prompted me to look back at some of the first shirts. Some of them are really cool and aren't references to things. I would happen to love some reprints, but please not in July!!! I'll be away all summer and I would hate to miss this. :(

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