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rss 116 weeks ago
I like the way this has come out, but I'm not sure what colour tee it would work best on... Take a look and let me know what you think.

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    116 weeks ago
    Definitely digging the red. I would buy it.
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    115 weeks ago
    Haha! Awesome! I think that design's pretty clever. The only thing is that the ATAT seems a little incongruous. For one, it's not a building... I'd buy it with just Barad-Dur and the real-world buildings in a heartbeat, but with the ATAT there, it just doesn't quite scream instabuy.

    Also, not quite a fan of bright red, but hey.

    Just my opinion, at least.
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    115 weeks ago
    Really love the Idea
    You could do a whole series of shirts from this.
    With many differnet types of buildings from video games and fantasy worlds through out all of pop culture.
    Black on Grey is always solid

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