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rss 116 weeks ago
So, I'm not the most artistically inclined guy, but I had a few ideas for Earthbound shirts, if any artists out there are interested:

1. An Orange Kid Industries shirt. Make up some kind of logo, put the word Orange Kid Industries on there. Might even work as a Portal MashedPotato.

2. A Saturn Valley Granola Bar shirt. Put a Mr. Saturn on there somewhere, and we got gold.

3. This is actually a Mother 3 idea, but I'd love to have a DCMC shirt.
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    101 weeks ago
    I just submitted an Earthbound themed design. It wasn't anything you asked for, but as a fellow Earthbound fan, I just thought I'd tell you. I hope my shirt gets approved, I hope you will like it as well! :)
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    101 weeks ago
    I like idea one and two....didn't play the third one yet, still waiting to try it out fairly but yeah! I can see some great ideas with the first one!

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