It's been a couple of weeks since the trading for the March 2012 grab bag started, and I know there may not be a lot people wanting trades but I still have one more shirt. Its from a previous grab bag Vote Braains 2012 Size Mens L, brand new and unworn

I'm looking for Mens L for trade, unworn and brand new. Any offers please email me at [email protected] thanks! :)
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    118 weeks ago
    I was wondering if the trading was still going on, just came across the thread, wasn't sure if we were allowed to post anything new we wanted to trade.
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    118 weeks ago
    oh yea for sure! post what you have to trade. i just wrote this thread because I had a leftover shirt I want to trade
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    118 weeks ago
    cool thanks

    I have
    Whovian Institute
    Mens LARGE
    Dark Blue
    never been worn

    hoping for
    Buffy and The Scoobies.
    Mens Large
    Mens Medium
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    118 weeks ago
    I have a MXL/unworn/unwashed Machine of Madness shirt up for trade. The green on the shirt is a bit darker in person. I actually think it looks better in person than in the picture.

    Shirts I'd be interested in: Must be unworn/unwashed/MXL or ML



    Lookin' for Love


    Eat, Sleep, Slay Dragons

    I might be willing to trade for other shirts so give it a try. My email is [email protected]

    There are TONS of older shirts I want but were never able to get. So if you have an older shirt in really good condition try me. I just might be willing to trade.
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    118 weeks ago
    Here is what I have to trade past & present, all new & unworn. If anything intersts you please email me at: [email protected] Thanks so much!

    WM – Droidamillian – 12/15/11
    WM – Coop’s Diner – 2/3/12
    WM – TeeFury Logo Bird – 2/2/12

    WL – Paws Up – 10/27/11
    WL – Kessel Fun Run – 7/7/2011

    WXL – Can You Dig It – 9/20/11
    WXL – Rise of the Purebloods – 2/7/12

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    118 weeks ago
    I have a MM LPH (Chicken Bros.) that I'm looking to trade for a doctor who/harry potter/HIMYM/star wars in WXL. if you're interested email me at [email protected]

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