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rss 118 weeks ago
Please post any shirts you'd like to offer for trade/sell here in those sizes.
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    118 weeks ago
    I have these shirts to trade all new and unworn. Please email me at [email protected] if anything interests you. I prefer WM or WL. Thanks so much!

    WM – Droidamillian – 12/15/11
    WM – Coop’s Diner – 2/3/12
    WM – TeeFury Logo Bird – 2/2/12
    WL – Paws Up – 10/27/11
    WL – Kessel Fun Run – 7/7/2011
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    101 weeks ago
    I have:

    WS - Regular Show/Sonic MashedPotato
    WS - Sons of Sanctuary: Tristram
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    100 weeks ago
    Hello fellow lady small t-shirt fans,
    I have a few shirts that are unwashed and unworn.
    They are:
    If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]
    Thank you.
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    50 weeks ago
    Looking for Follow Your Fate in these sizes!
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    42 weeks ago
    Just got my grab bags, and alas they're not what I'd hoped.
    I got a women's medium of "Big Friend"

    *Also I got a new, random, WM shirt of the Star Trek kind. Here's an image of it:

    I'm up for a trade featuring either Disney, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Studio Ghibli, Bee & Puppycat, classic movies, literature, or Art Nouveau-inspired designs. The sizes can vary between WS, WM, or even WL.

    Email: [email protected]

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