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rss 105 weeks ago

Just submitted this but I was hoping for some ideas to make it awesome?
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    105 weeks ago
    The main problem with this is the fact that it's pretty much just Photoshopped pictures. And because of the starry background and translucent Tennant/Rose over the sun, It wouldn't transfer nicely onto a shirt. Also, there is a six color limit. There are a heck of a lot more than six colors here. The design is very nice, but maybe you could make it your own by drawing it and scanning it into Photoshop or Illustrator, or you can vector this image in Illustrator and pull it down to six colors. Hope this helps.
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    105 weeks ago
    What carpe said. It's a nice photoshop, but way over the 6 color limit for a teeshirt. Maybe you could do like he said and vector it out? I like the layout, just needs some work before its printable!

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    104 weeks ago
    Perhaps the real problem is that people don't understand how commercial printing works. TF sets a limit of six colors, this image could be printed using 5 colors, CMYK-White. However that's involves what's known as process printing. What TF might want to clarify is that the do not do process printing because it wouldn't look good on a Tee. Dot gain would destroy all the detail and the image would look out of focus. Instead, TF and most shirt printers run spot colors, usually drawing on the Pantone color pallet. So when you're creating your design in Photoshop or Illustrator you need to load the Pantone swatch library, I prefer using solid coated myself. If you want to know exactly what the colors will look like you can buy a PMS (Pantone atching System) color book on Amazon. They cost in the ballpark of $100 but you'll know exactly what colors you're getting. If you do a lot of design work, it's well worth the investment.
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    103 weeks ago
    Forget how printing works, let's discuss copyright. While I would suspect that half the shirts on this site get dangerously close to it, this one pole vaults over top. There's no way you can use that pic if you're selling it.

    As for the design done, I have issues with the font. The lowercase o looks like an e, which makes it a bit goofy to read. Also, the background parts of the image are soft and out of focus, but the TARDIS looks... flat? It's sorta like you popped a sticker on a photograph. I like the idea behind it, it just needs tweaked.

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