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rss 119 weeks ago
I have XXL


All never worn or washed.

Really want but open to suggestions:
In XXL but could be XL
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    118 weeks ago
    Burger time any time is gone.
    But still have the others.
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    118 weeks ago
    Just my luck... Someone has The Optimist and it's way too large for me. :(
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    118 weeks ago
    Would you be willing to trade dire brew for...

    Snag it tag it bag it
    The Venture Bunch
    Team Eddard?

    I'm willing to trade any of those for it, all MXL.
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    118 weeks ago
    I'm really interested in the Optimist.

    I have 3 XXL shirts available. They are unwashed / unworn.


    You can contact me directly at dale clarke at m t s dot net for trades. (remove spaces)
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    118 weeks ago
    @maluga52 Sorry none of those I am interested in.

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