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rss 119 weeks ago
I just found out my screen name (WinterArt) is nearly the same as the apparently biggest guy on teefury, WinterArtwork. I had no idea at the time I signed up.

The thing is, I've been using this as my professional brand name for years for my art (my name actually is Winter, so it makes sense) and have an online presence built up on certain sites with it, so it would be quite hard to just change to a new name now.

Is it ok to keep my name? Or would/could is cause problems an confusion because it's so close to a big teefury-er?

Any advice is welcome!!

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    119 weeks ago
    If they let you sign up with it I don't think it should be a problem, maybe just personalize your avatar.
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    119 weeks ago
    I think you should just worry about making good art. If you do that people with remember you. I especially wouldn't change it because you have already built a brand around that name. Good luck to you.

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