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rss 119 weeks ago

Okay, so it's like my title says; I'm looking for the shirt called "Timelord and Proud" in size men's medium. It looks like this:

Okay, it looks like the picture the above link brings you to, but you get the idea. It was probably in the grab bag previous to the one that happened in March. I'm mostly looking to trade, so here's what I have to offer (all are Men's Medium, unworn/unwashed):

If you're a Breaking Bad fan:

If you like Regular Show:

If you are a fan of Buffy (BTVS):

That's my shot in the dark. Any one of those can be yours for "Timelord and Proud" MM.

Email me @ NOSAINTINLA at Aol dot com.
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    119 weeks ago
    I have it unworn/unwashed/actually never even unfolded but I am ultimately weary of trades since there is no recourse for someone to file a claim against someone that never sends their end of the trade. Let me know if you ever consider simply buying.


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    119 weeks ago
    Please email me your offer. I might consider purchase. I would still prefer to trade and can give you references (people that I've traded with on here).

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