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rss 106 weeks ago
I subbed this one a month or so ago, and so far nothing. I figured I'd get some advice/comments on it and try again.


Any comments would be helpful.
(Thanks to Chuffy for the mock-up)
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    106 weeks ago
    Honestly I don't think Survive is that popular any more and neither are political shirts (at least on teefury). People in general don't like to wear political shirts because it's make strangers yell at them. Teefurians want to wear corky pop culture shirts that make them remember they favorite shows, movie video game, etc. I think you should move on and not put all your hope into one design. You did a great job on the design overall, but I don't think you're thinking of your audience. For the design as is, I can't think of anything you can do to enhance it.
    Good luck to you.
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    106 weeks ago
    I don't get it....

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