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rss 106 weeks ago

Another missed opportunity for me...

This would be where to dump it if you've got one you're willing to part with!

Just leave a size & email!
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    106 weeks ago
    -I'll just leave this here..-
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    105 weeks ago
    Thanks a bunch, and that's def plan B, just thought I'd give someone the opportunity to unload an unwanted grab-bag item!
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    105 weeks ago
    I might be interested in parting with it. I bought it cause I loved the color and art but I've never seen beetle juice (I fully plan to after seeing this shirt). But I didn't want to look like a posser wearing something I didn't know anything about.

    It hasn't come in yet, but I purchased a small. I can let you know for sure after it comes in. My email is:
    [email protected]

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