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Just curious as to your thoughts. Should I keep the star-burst behind the moon or no?
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    120 weeks ago
    to be clear, this is a Harry potter shirt, right? i'm aware the term wolfsbane exists outside of HP but i'm assuming this is a HP reference.

    Why the (were) in front?

    and why the starburst behind the moon?

    Not critiquing yet, just wanna see what your ideas are.
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    120 weeks ago
    Not sure I get the overall concept.

    Wolfsbane is in pretty much everything with werewolves. It is a little vague.
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    120 weeks ago
    Wolfsbane is actually an herb. The Bane of a Werewolf would be the full moon. Its a play on words where you combine the two
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    120 weeks ago
    But by consuming the wolfsbane potion the werewolf in question maintains his sanity and the full moon is no longer his/her "bane"; a simple transformation and waiting period is all that occurs after consumption. I'm not sure if its effects are different in other lore/literature, but this is the case in Harry Potter. It almost negates all of the mental side effects of lycanthropy. I understand the pun that you're going for, but it kinda seems to contradict itself.

    Also, i'd suggest changing the sunburst around the moon to more of an 'aura'.. It kinda looks like you're going for some sort of solar eclipse look.
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    119 weeks ago
    There's not enough to it. It looks nice, but for a much stronger design it'll need a little more. Right now it's just a moon with type. I think the play on words is clever but too subtle.

    If you add on to it, i think it could be a much cooler design. Maybe add a werewolf howling or a guy transforming into a werewolf?
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    93 weeks ago
    I like the design. It needs a little more detail or a little more intricacy. Maybe you could turn it into an advertisement for 'wolfsbane'?

    Because the full moon
    will be here soon...

    I like it, though. I would wear it with some work.

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