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rss 120 weeks ago

Looking to trade 2 shirts for 2 shirts. Unwashed. Unworn. Size men's XL.

Jamie and Adam's Laboratory (Mythbusters)

Home Sweet Home (Pokemon)

Hoping for any cult movie shirts, Firefly/Serenity shirts, or cult TV shirts.

I will consider a 1 for 1 trade if you're desperate for one of mine.

Thanks! Drop a reply or contact: murraythebear[at]
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    120 weeks ago
    Oh man I'm dying for Home Sweet Home!!!!!!

    I'm in the USA and I have the Snag it Bag it Tag it Mens XL tee.

    :( If you'd be willing to trade with me you would make my life so much better! XD
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    120 weeks ago
    England-based only. Sorry, can't afford the shipping abroad.

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