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rss 120 weeks ago
I just got my grab bag and, disappointingly, they sent me the one shirt I actually had already bought in this past quarter which was a Men's 2XL Regular Shirt.

Its unopened and I will trade it for an unworn/unwashed Men's 2XL of the following- (Want this one the most)

This is my first time trading a shirt; so I'd prefer it if your in the Trade Appreciation post ( or have some other user's reference on here that can be trusted.

My email is [email protected]

(I will also consider other shirts, just make me an offer)
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    120 weeks ago
    Hi, the shirt you have is the one I'm so desperately after. I dont have any of the shirts you listed, but I do have the following.

    'Retirement' - Blade Runner themed black shirt.

    'Coops Bar' - Twin Peaks themed dark grey shirt.

    Both in xxl, sorry I don't have the links for them. I'm posting off my phone right now, but the shirts are one the first handful of pages in the gallery.

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    120 weeks ago
    Shirt went quick to the man above! Sorry other potential shoppers.

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