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rss 107 weeks ago
In the March Grab Bag I received the Great Yoga Master tee and I am open to any offer I suppose that anyone has! So if anyone is interested in a women's medium of this tee, please make an offer!
Contact me at [email protected]
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    106 weeks ago
    Hi! I still have a few March grab bag shirts! I'd be willing to either trade or sell them :) $10 for 1 and maybe $16 for 2? Sorry if it's nothing you'd want! Here's my email: [email protected]

    In Women's Medium:
    - Dragon Born: 1326423816_BOTTOM_12.jpg
    - Boardwalk Tin Man: 1319739667_BOTTOM__102711h19m50.jpg

    That second one is from all the back in December xD I'm not really sure what the reference is, but maybe you will? :)

    In Women's Small:
    - Fus Ro Doh: 1328300362_BOTTOM-homer%20simpson%20skyrim.jpg

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