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rss 106 weeks ago
I just got this in the mail from the March random Tee. Anybody Interested in a trade or would like to buy it?
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    106 weeks ago
    Don't want it bad enough to buy it, but I'd be happy to trade if I have anything that interests you.

    What I've got:
    Whovian Crest - W's XL
    Team Eddard - W's XL
    Great Yoga Master - M's L
    Broken Bad - M's L
    Imperial Stargyle - M's L
    The Venture Bunch - M's L
    Caprica Toasters - M's L
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    106 weeks ago
    I have two mens L shrits for trade if you're interested.
    skull kitty by captain ribman

    and Vote Brains 2012

    if interested email at [email protected] :)
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    106 weeks ago
    I have and and am interested in the Buffy tee.
    my email is cws1001@

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