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rss 120 weeks ago
Ok I got
Hail Segan

The Son of orange (from a pervious bag)

and then its a women's xl of Buffy the Riveter

All the shirts that are up for trade are unwashed and have never been worn feel free to contact me ar [email protected] with any trades I am into a lot of different types of stuff so i will look at any trade
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    120 weeks ago
    Up for trade, new/unworn:
    WL: Eat Sleep Slay Dragons (
    ML: Coops Diner (

    Looking for pretty much any:
    Star Wars
    Adventure Time
    Doctor Who
    Regular Show
    Plants vs Plumbers
    Morning Routine (M only)

    looking for in any of these sizes WL/ML/MM
    [email protected]

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    120 weeks ago
    karebear1010, I have emailed you an offer

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