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rss 107 weeks ago
I figured it would be much easier if there was a separate thread for the different sizes.

I'll start off. These are the shirts I have in MXL. I'm open to quite a few of the shirts from this grab bag so just try me. All shirts are unworn & unwashed. I would appreciate the same in return.

Land of Hyrule

Broken Bad

Machine of Madness

My email is sifichick at gmail dot com
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    107 weeks ago
    Broken Bad has been spoken for.

    Land of Hyrule & Machine of Madness are still up for grabs.
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    107 weeks ago
    Broken Bad & Land of Hyrule are now both gone.

    I still have Machine of Madness to trade.
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    106 weeks ago
    Machine of Mandess is still up for trade.

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