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rss 121 weeks ago
So I genuinely need today's design in my life but I'm from the UK and whilst I'm quite happy to pay the $10 shipping, I don't want to be landed with an epic customs bill this side of the pond. So anyone who's bought from this site and tare UK based and willing to clear this up, I would be super grateful. (From what I can see, there's no customs charge/tax on items under £15 in value?).

Cheers in advance!
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    121 weeks ago
    Hi Dewbug

    Check out this tax calculator, I use it all the time for international buys. No need to sign up, just straight forward and quick. I think as a general rule if your item is under £18 exc shipping you wont pay any.
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    120 weeks ago
    Thank you :) I missed yesterdays T unfortunately (didn't want to chance it) but this will come in handy for any future t-shirts I need/any purchases outside of the UK.
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    120 weeks ago
    I've not been charged once by customs for TeeFury shirts as they mark them at $10, which is way under the limit. I did get done though after another company put the wrong price on the label ($25 instead of $12), and I got done for £11. The annoying part was £8 of that was for "handling fees".
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    41 weeks ago
    Wish I had read this thread before I ordered.

    I ordered two tees at $11 and $18, with $4 postage. Unfortunately got hit with a £11.88 charge (£8 handling fee). If I had ordered each tee individually, and paid two lots of postage, I would have paid an extra $4, and no import tax.

    I know which I would have preferred!

    I remember now why I don't buy abroad (no matter how nice the products look).
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    36 weeks ago
    Wish i'd seen it too. I've ordered two shirts for here before and not been charge. Ughhhh i'm so annoyed. I hate Royal Mail. £11 are you serious? rip off merchants.
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    35 weeks ago
    I ordered two of the Pokémon companion shirts (yellow for 11$ and green for 18$). I just got a note in my mail telling me I have to pay 11£ when I pick them up. What a rip-off!

    I have another shirt coming soon. That is a single 11$ one, so I don't think I will be charged for that. Will keep you updated, though.

    In the end, I think the safe bet is to order each shirt separately to avoid customs. The extra postage is cheaper than the handling fee anyway.

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