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rss 121 weeks ago
Well, it's that time again Teefurians. I have three shirts up for trade. All three are brand new, and unworn. The size for the three of them is Mens L.

The first shirt is late night moss

Second, Skull Kitty from Captain Ribman

and the last one is from the last big grab bag Vote Braains: 2012

I'm really looking for the following brand new, unworn in Men's L. If you have any shirts from different grab bags or anything else not listed here, I'm open to hear any offers. :) Email me at [email protected] if interested. Feel free to post what you have for trade here as well. List what you have, and give contact info. If you want to get someone's attention, it would be best if you sent them an email instead of tagging or replying to comments.
(page will become too long if people reply to individual messages ) :)
thanks for looking!

teefury shirts I want

dope adventures

boss vs kong

calvin spiffy spaceman

the rebel rider

team eddard

great burger any time

a game of ice and fire

abe lincoln vampire hunter


bonus stage ryus wrecking crew

winterfell wolves

maybe want

broken bad

buffy and the scoobies

eat sleep slay dragons

r crest
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    121 weeks ago
    still have all three shirts for trade. Willing to hear any offers :)
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    121 weeks ago
    Also might be willing to trade for any older shirts :)

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