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rss 121 weeks ago
A recent design of mine that I have yet to submit. Any suggestions on how I can make it better before I submit it?

Stories/poems referenced:
-The Black Cat
-The Tell-Tale Heart
-The Raven

The roses and cognac are because of the Poe Toaster

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    121 weeks ago
    Fantastic! I like the Poe theme... don't think I'd buy it though. The color choices and sort of clean cut edges mixed with the dark skull at the top send mixed moods to me.
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    121 weeks ago
    I like the concept! The main thing that jumps out at me is the way the roses are obscuring "Nevermore." Perhaps if you move them down just slightly it would make it easier to read.
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    120 weeks ago
    Thanks for the feedback! I moved the roses down a bit and added more detail to the heart/cat/bells/raven.



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