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Hello. I've been around, just haven't been back here in a while.

I had an idea for a Doctor Who / Torchwood 'Bad Wolf' design. There were lots of instances where the words were around and about on the show in graffiti form...

...and it turned out that Rose Tyler herself was the Bad Wolf.

Yeah. The untempered schism can play havoc with your eyes.

So I decided to do a design of my own. Drew it on paper, tweaked it in Photoshop, made it a one-color design with Halftone dots for the graded shading. The only thing I can't decide it whether it looks best as dark graffiti on a light shirt, or white paint on a darker shirt.

Opinions? And it's good to be back. The smaller words are Rose Tyler's words. I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take these words. I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here.

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    108 weeks ago
    It's pretty awesome but more colors like real graffiti would make it amazing.
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    108 weeks ago
    I have one without the scrollwork, flanked by two Daleks, with a drop shadow and so on. It's hosted in a particular host-your-own-designs site whose name will remain as unsaid as a bubble that's red (hint hint).

    But that's much more than the six color maximum TF permits. And I've noticed that less colors used in a design equals more chance of being chosen. One color designs especially ...very quick to print and less chance of a snafu.
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    108 weeks ago
    I added a layer of yellow paint splashes, and added the option of yellow text, and like this.



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    107 weeks ago
    I'd buy it. I like the second one with the yellow.. it's just enough color.

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