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rss 108 weeks ago

I always thought of "that brand" as something like a big brother thing and then I thought why not associate it to some other... brand?
Hope somebody likes it! :)

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    108 weeks ago
    I did just like the t-shirt capcom released... celebrating 15 years of the t-virus.
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    107 weeks ago
    Yes that is nice too, but I think mine is... simpler!
    (ok ok, I submitted it so of course I like it... :-) )

    Anyone else has comments on this design? (thanks!!) :-)
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    107 weeks ago
    I assume no one had, sigh sigh :-|
    OK, I promise it's my last auto comment for this pic ;-)
    Happy 1st April to all (here, in this very moment)!!
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    107 weeks ago
    I like the idea, maybe a stem on the top of the umbrella? I feel like you may have a hard time getting this past legal though.
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    106 weeks ago
    Thanks for the feedback!
    The umbrella logo at the end is just an... umbrella and also the sentence "think different", the A**le brand likes to think it as their properties but it's a sentence, I cannot patent two words that have a common meaning, at least I hope not :)

    I bought the Homer Simpsons / Skyrim t-shirt... the helmet can be used I think but Homer is Homer, and it ended on a t-shirt that was sold here :-)
    Also many Nintendo inspired t-shirts used images that are clearly Nintendo characters...
    I presume that, if used fairly, famous logos and characters can be used... or at least it's what I think looking at the t-shirts I have bought here :-)

    I hope they will like my picture (first) and don't consider it not possible to print :-D

    Thanks again for the feedback!
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    105 weeks ago
    Hi !

    Nice design !
    And I think it is more near to the truth than everyone might expect !
    Maybe removing the "R" near the umbrella symbol ... so you can say it is an umbrella and not THE umbrella !
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    105 weeks ago
    LOL some other guy that thinks similar to me :-P
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    104 weeks ago
    Seen just now, sorry, no "R" symbol you say?
    Could that symbol make it less good for TeeFury?
    Well, in this case would they tell me to do it and/or just remove it in case the picture would be OK with that change?
    Ah, dreams of glory... ;-)

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