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rss 122 weeks ago
Even though I'm still fairly new here I have a few ideas in the works and have been seacrhing the forums for ideas on how and what (would be well recieved) to submit. I've seen many seeking comments and criticisms. Its sounds like there is some good well recieved submits that may never see the light of day.

So how about a once a month, submission contest or directed submission contest (within quidelines or with specific topics/reference) proper submissions being print ready due to prior guidelines. and just to cut down on voter fraud - each vote is an instant buy if that design wins the contest -

I'm not sure what the numbers are - as I'm assuming the current selection process is made I would guess at least one factor in the decsion s if the design will generate enough orders to be worth printing.

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    119 weeks ago
    Ohmigod! I think that's a great idea!!!! :D

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