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rss 122 weeks ago
Ok, since there is a new grab bag I thought I would get the talk about shirt trading started.

Note that these are all 2XL and unworn. I will update when I get shirts from the new grab bag. The shirts that I have from last grab bag are as follows:

The Teller-Morrow Automotive repair shirt (I think this is a Sons of Anarchy reference, but I don’t know)

Shirts I am interested in:

But I would be willing to consider other trades.
My e-mail is Jodyg_04 @ (remove spaces)
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    122 weeks ago
    I would be willing to trade for the Blue Box Ale Shirt.

    The XXL shirts I have to trade are

    Off World Colonies
    Super Sloth
    Super Maui-0

    Let me know if youre interested

    [email protected]
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    122 weeks ago
    I am sorry, I have a word document saved with the list of shirts that I have and I forgot to remove the Blue Box Ale shirt.

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