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rss 124 weeks ago
Hey guys.

I made my first "art" and I kind of need some advice.
I am finding it really hard to use only 6 colors :( can anyone see where I could reduce colors without losing the essence of the shirt ?

Thanks a lot !!

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    124 weeks ago
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    I think this example is tough because you want to retain the similarity with the original. You could use halftones for the skin, grey, and lighter colored trails.

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    124 weeks ago
    Yeah I thought it would be tough when I started it but I liked the idea and gave it a go anyway :S
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    123 weeks ago
    I have to agree, when you first sample would be something that you base on something fixed and original, it would be quite hard to shy away from the original concept as you might hit a lot of roadblocks that will prove not to work well on your side.

    If I were in your shoes, I would rather choose to go with what is original but just using other color MashedPotatoes to my advantage, like halftones and more of greys.

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