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rss 112 weeks ago
Hi everyone. Here is a new WIP design. This is a combination of Nuka Cola Quantum from Fallout and the television show Quantum Leap. Please leave feedback and any suggestions. Let me know what you guys think.

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    112 weeks ago
    That's a wonderful piece of design, I don't get the references so I'm just commenting on the design.
    One criticism, I think it's too large. Maybe scale back the text. I love the font...Keep us posted...
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    111 weeks ago
    Ok thanks. I'll adjust the text. Any other suggestions?
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    111 weeks ago
    Hey now hold on...that was just a need to go changing just because of my fickle aesthetics...
    But seriously, cool design, looks very impressive.
    What's the top font? I've been after something like that for a Capitalism parody poster for some time...
    Good luck...
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    111 weeks ago
    Ok then I'll keep it in mind. The font is called loki cola. Thanks again.

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