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rss 112 weeks ago
Hey guys, new to the site - amazed by it - already ordered two in less than a week, but in reading the forums I see GRAB BAG - can someone explain this to me - what it means and how to do it?


Simon Stimson

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    112 weeks ago
    Hi Simon,

    Grab bag happens periodically through out the year
    its is in lieu of a design for the day.
    It basically is a deal where you order 1-12 shirts per order of one size at the low cost of 6 dollars.
    Only catch you don't know what designs it is completly random

    And then the trade gates open and a flood of exchange starts happening on the site slowly dying out untill the next grab bag.
    (it makes for a fun hobby on the side.)

    Hopefully this helps

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    112 weeks ago
    That sounds awesome! Thanks so much for the help! I look forward to this day!

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