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rss 113 weeks ago
Sooo I missed the last shirt,

and I want want WANT it, any size, I don't even care.

I have nothing to trade but you could be making more money than you spent here so name your price mothertruckers~

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    113 weeks ago
    If there's more than one and after wwed's request has been filled, can I piggyback here and get one too?
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    107 weeks ago
    I have the Adventure Comics shirt in size XL. Let me know what you're willing to pay for it.

    [email protected]
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    107 weeks ago
    I have one in WL.

    I'd be willing to sell or trade. Looking for the following in WXL or WL:

    I'd be up for plenty of other shirts too, especially Potter, Hunger Games, Whedonverse, Firefly or Doctor Who themed. If you have one of the above and would be willing to sell it, let me know. magneto14982(at)gmail dot com.
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    107 weeks ago
    I have an Adventure Comics shirt in Men's XL, unwashed, unworn. Willing to sell or trade, email CharmVine22@ g m a i l d o t c o m
    (I can provide positive trade references if needed).
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    106 weeks ago
    My Adventure Time shirt is sold. Best of luck!

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