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rss 268 weeks ago
Hey there guys. I was just checking out the old doodles thread and some mentioned making a new one. I though I might as well. Here is a design I am working on... let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions...

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    268 weeks ago
    Hmm, didn't show up in the last post. Try this...

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    265 weeks ago
    I rekon you could work some pretty swell patterns into that, looks neat

    here's a quick little thing I did up for a mate of mine to put on her myspace or what not

    haven't decided whether I want it to fade to white though, what chyall think?
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    265 weeks ago
    edit: this was practice for the new tablet I got which is proving to be pretty dandy for 150 bucks for a brand that I knew next to nothing about
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    264 weeks ago
    Nice illustration!

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