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rss 127 weeks ago
All my shirts are Mens XL, never worn, still folded.

I have:

Interested in: (mens L or XL only please)
Game of Ice and Fire
Winterfell Dire Wolves
Ride the Falcon
Theatre of Rebellion
Peace in Space
Bluth Crest
Slice of Life
World of NiCraft
I can Haz Force
Frakkin Awfull
Unforgettable Walk

Depending on what you have/want I may trade you 2 for 1
3 for one if you have the Bluth Crest shirt to trade.
PLEASE email mcduck2112 at comcast dot net
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    127 weeks ago
    I'm still interested in Sci Fi Cussing, but I don't have what you're interested in. I have Bluth Man Group. I'd trade that for Sci Fi Cussing.

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