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rss 281 weeks ago
So, this is the first out of seven shirts I have gotten that has super heavy ink on it. What's up with that? Is there a way to tell if all the shirts will be like this now or does it just depend on the graphic? Honestly, if I had known the ink would be so heavy I probably wouldn't have gotten this shirt.

I'm pretty disappointed in that it is the normal soft, flexiable print I'm use to.
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    281 weeks ago
    well, just looking at it, it looks like a sheet of ink. you have to look at the design before you buy it. do you see any negative space? are there many colors all in one place? a shirt is only going to breathe well if the artist designed it to do so. that design, while cool looking, has the printers making layer after layer of color all in one small area. im sure many other companies would have made such a thick sheet of ink with that design that it would be unbendable and would crack all over after one use. im sure they did the best possible with it. really.

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