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rss 127 weeks ago
Hi, this is my first post here, i want to know what you guys think about this something im working on:


I just made a connection, basicaly between the colors of both set of characters

and the fact that PR's costumes are are based on animals (and birds are animals) you know!. ha ha.

:) Suggestions are very wellcome.

English is not my first language so im not too sure about the title,

any idea, anyone?
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    127 weeks ago
    Haha, I love it, seriously. its not a connection that has made before, for all i know, and is a very clever idea. the only issue i see is the glare on the yellows visor; it looks too much like the background
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    127 weeks ago
    Love the idea...I literally just posted in the suggestion thread that I wanted to see some 90's power rangers shirts! Hope this gets printed sometime. However I do agree with the guy above about the glare on the yellows visor.

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