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rss 114 weeks ago
I'm REALLY new here; just found about this site today.

So, I'm curious about this whole copyright thing. This is what I know so far. After seeing some of the designs there are parodies, which are ok to sell here. Also the artists are getting paid.

My question is, there is a show that I might be interested in designing for. It was cancelled recently and I'm in a movement to bring it back. If I design something for it, being careful to avoid copyright (no official logos, etc), would it be less likely to be rejected? Also, in the slight slight chance it does get chosen, I'd donate the money to our campaign.

Just curious. If someone can elaborate more, that would help a lot. It's a touchy situation since the show's cancellation was linked to merchandise issues. I do NOT want to start a legal suit of any kind. Thank you.
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    114 weeks ago
    No one has any input? I tried to email the site staff but only got a reply to go back here. Our movement could really use this opportunity if possible. We don't have much time either..
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    113 weeks ago
    The fb page is pretty active, you might get someone there
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    113 weeks ago
    Leogem said: The fb page is pretty active, you might get someone there

    Thanks =)

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